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Global Product and Supplier Search

Find, assess, compare and select suppliers for mechanical and electrical parts worldwide

Core Features

Global Search

Our global product and supplier search allows you to search suppliers for mechanical and electrical parts. As opposed to standard search functions, we offer a highly targeted search for procurement departments to find your trusted suppliers and new ones faster. We finally make the long tail of suppliers accessible.

  • Find your suppliers 10x faster

    Improve your speed from purchase requisition to supplier quote by reducing the number of interactions with potential suppliers.

  • Highly targeted search

    Identify suppliers for the most complex mechanical or electrical parts. Be prepared to identify alternative materials or manufacturing processes.

  • Curated supplier profiles at your fingertips

    Dive into detailed supplier profiles that provide previously unknown insights for existing and new suppliers.

Automate and select

By assessing your product requirements in detail, we provide results with a 100% product-supplier fit. Our modular process automation system allows you to perform the tasks of searching, comparing and selecting suppliers more efficiently while still sitting in the driver's seat.

  • In-depth supplier analytics and benchmarking

    Assess your supplier selection in detail. We use more than 25 data sources for each supplier profile.

  • Automated quote comparison

    Let us take care of the manual and time-consuming tendering process and facilitate a touchless tendering process for you.

  • Save up to 60% time

    Save time and make your team happy by reducing manual work such as searching for suppliers, gathering data points or comparing supplier quotes.

Manage 360° supplier master data

Our 360° supplier view empowers you to make informed decisions faster, having all the required information at hand. Anticipate potential supplier risks during your market research by accessing your single source of truth providing i.e. financial, legal, litigation or ESG insights.

  • Share supply chain knowledge

    Share your supplier insights with your team members or across locations and gain additional insights.

  • Negotiate based on up-to-date information

    Be the best informed in the room and improve your negotiation position based on internal and external data.

  • Leverage Alpas for your strategic sourcing decisions

    Easily combine single, dual or multi-sourcing strategies based on your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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