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Alpas empowers manufacturing companies that buy mechanical, electrical and chemical parts
as well as engineering services

Find your suppliers 10x faster

Find your suppliers 10x faster

Our global product and supplier search enables our customers to find and compare suppliers more efficiently. Based on their needs, we can take as many technical and commercial search parameters into account as required.

Save up to 57% of time spent on procurement

Save up to 57% of time spent on procurement

Alpas simplifies and accelerates the procurement process by identifying the best fitting suppliers and automatically comparing supplier quotes. This time-saving feature enhances quicker decision-making.

Experience the power of a 360° supplier view

Experience the power of a 360° supplier view

Alpas revolutionizes transparency in procurement with its 360° supplier view. This data-driven approach provides instant insights into supplier performance, compliance, and risks. The result is a more efficient, resilient, and trustworthy supply chain.

"Thanks to Alpas, we can find new suppliers more quickly and save valuable time. The platform has opened up unknown suppliers for us, minimizing our risks and improving delivery reliability. Alpas provides us with insights into the market that accurately complement our strategic decisions. For companies looking for efficiency and transparency in procurement, Alpas is an excellent choice."
Jürgen Schuster, Capability Owner Category Management, EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG
"Do you already use Alpas or are you still scouting? Alpas has completely overhauled our supplier scouting: instead of "Google" and time-consuming searches, the AI of Alpas does the job - quickly, reliably and, above all, with unprecedented quality. In addition to the commodity strategies, the local-for-local activities (supply chain de-risk) benefit in particular."
Sven-Uwe Erber, Chief Procurement Officer, Brose Group
"Alpas E-Sourcing has identified new, competent suppliers for a wide range of product types without using internal resources. Depending on the sourcing event, we save several days of market research by the buyer."
Strategic Buyer, Production Passenger Transport, Swiss Federal Railways AG
"L+G have used the Alpas supplier search solution in various geographies with always the same result: the Alpas tool yields significantly more potential suppliers, and in much less time than any of our internal searches."
Global Strategic Sourcing Manager, Landis+Gyr Group AG

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We are the right partner in every situation

Geopolitical tensions

As you prepare for political frictions, we help you to reduce the risk on your supply chains

Global Supply Chain Crisis

When some bottlenecks ease, others are just starting, we close your sourcing gaps in the post-pandemic economy

Supply Chain Management

When you are busy managing current supply chain shortages, we gather and monitor relevant supplier data for you

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Die Suche, Bewertung und Auswahl von Lieferanten sind Knackpunkte in Einkaufsabteilungen. Das Start-up Alpas bietet eine Daten- und Softwarelösung für ein modernes Sourcing an, die EinkäuferInnen ...

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Das stärkste Glied der Kette, Forbes, 19.01.2024

Isabel Poppek ist fasziniert von Lieferketten als Rückgrat der Wirtschaft. Damit Unternehmen das volle Logistik-Potenzial ausschöpfen können, gründeten Poppek und Nils Vollmer 2021 Alpas AI. Das hilft bei der Verwaltung der Lieferanten.

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Look out, London—Berlin is fast catching up in all areas, from sheer volume of funding by startups to its rapid transition into a center for deeptech.

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Einkäufer*innen von Industrieunternehmen stehen unter Druck, seit unvorhersehbare Ereignisse wie die Pandemie oder der Krieg in der Ukraine zu massiven Lieferengpässen führten. ...

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Forbes 30 under 30 DACH, Forbes, 24.11.2021

Alpas AI ist ein Unternehmen, das Software für den Einkauf entwickelt, die das Auffinden, Vergleichen und Verwalten von bestehenden und bisher unbekannten Lieferanten möglich macht ...

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Das sind die besten Ideen des Weconomy-Wettbewerbs.
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